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Become part of the Johns Hopkins legacy of health care education with a Master of Science in Health Care Management degree from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Graduate with the business skills to effectively and efficiently improve health care quality and access.

Online, on-site, or both: Our part-time program empowers working professionals like you with a flexible format to hone the skills needed for quick career advancement. Along with convenient course scheduling options, our online classes offer instruction from the same world-class faculty who develop the curriculum and course content. Learn on your schedule while maintaining personal commitments and complete your degree at a pace that fits your life.

Program Highlights

  • Part-time program
  • Available online, on-site, or both—learn on-site in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
  • Typically completed in under two years, but with the flexibility to take up to six
  • GRE/GMAT requirement waived for Spring 2021 applications – apply today!
  • Merit-based scholarships, loans, and payment plans available for those who qualify
  • Virtual open house attendees eligible for an application fee waiver

Curriculum: An Inside Look

The Master of Science in Health Care Management prepares you to assess and act on opportunities, innovate, and improve productivity in all areas of health care. Through first-hand exposure to the vanguard of research, study how the business of health care responds to the latest discoveries.

Expand your expertise through collaborations with Johns Hopkins' No. 1 ranked School of Public Health and No. 2 ranked School of Medicine. Apply practical skills in management to implement health care business solutions through action-based courses.

Our online courses feature mostly asynchronous (anytime) learning activities with a few recommended or required synchronous (real-time) activities.

Business Foundations
Sample required courses include Accounting and Financial Reporting, Business Analytics, Operations Management, and Business Leadership and Human Values.

Functional Core
Required courses include Frameworks for Analyzing Health Care Markets, Health Care Financing and Financial Management, and Health Care Law and Regulation.

Sample courses include Health Innovation and Evaluation, Health Marketing and Access, Providers and Payers, and Emerging Frontiers in Health Technologies and Strategies.

Improve Health Care Delivery

At an early age, Olu Akinrimisi witnessed firsthand the vital need for accessible health care. Now he is pursuing an MS in Health Care Management degree to build and implement affordable health care business solutions.


OLU AKINRIMISI: I grew up in Long Beach, California. There are a lot of issues with access to health care or health insurance rather, and a lot of people would deter from seeking health care simply because of the cost. My brother, he had asthma. It was hard for us to really seek care for him.

As the eldest, I felt like this is my opportunity. My parents came to this country for a reason for their children to excel and use the fruits that are within this country to build us up. So I'm trying to do as much as I can not only to give back and help my family, but also the community that I come from.

So I go to UC San Diego School of Medicine, and I'm in a five-year dual degree program. So we'll graduate with both an MD and a master's of our choice. Between our third and our fourth, you have the option to go to whatever master's program you want to go to study. And I specifically chose to come to Carey Business School to get a health management because they highlighted the business within medicine, which I think is important.

But they also put emphasis on humanities within medicine, keeping humanities in mind. And I think that is key in practicing being a clinical practitioner. I plan to do my residency training in internal medicine and then from there potentially specializing in gastroenterology.

With my degree from Carey, along with my medical degree, something I plan on doing is to really use my background and health disparities, my passion for bridging that gap and using this tool of business to create its own community clinic. Carey has really helped me become a good health advocate. And with that, I know I can go back into the medical field and create strategies that are able to tend to the needs of the community.

Explore Your Future Career

Partner with our Career Development Office throughout your time at Carey to advance your career as a business professional. Our team is committed to providing opportunities for you to build professional skills and competencies that are essential for a successful career search.

These are just some of the careers in the health care industry in which you'll be prepared to succeed:

Career PathMedian Salary
Hospital administrator$87,7491
Health care program director$80,3272
Health care consultant$76,8523
Clinical director$74,9884

"I specifically chose to come to Carey Business School to get a Health Care Management degree because they highlighted the business within medicine, which I think is important. But they also put emphasis on humanities within medicine. And I think that is key in being a clinical practitioner."

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