Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, we are suspending the GRE/GMAT requirement for all applicants to part-time programs through Summer 2021 admissions.






Whether you want to learn online, on-site, or a combination of both, the Flexible MBA from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School has a format that fits your life. It’s the quality and rigor you expect from Johns Hopkins that gets results. 

Choose from six concentrations to deepen your expertise with an in-demand focus and boost your appeal to employers. Concentrations include*:

  • Health care management (online, on-site)
  • Leading organizations (online, on-site)
  • Financial businesses (online, on-site)
  • Marketing (online, on-site)
  • Entrepreneurship (on-site)
  • Interdisciplinary business (online, on-site)

Choose a pace that works for you and graduate in less than three years, or take up to six years. Plus, the GRE/GMAT requirement has been waived for all applicants through the Summer 2021 term. Build what's next for your career with the Flexible MBA from Carey Business School.

Online, on-site, or both: The Flexible MBA program accommodates your busy schedule. Learn on-site with campuses in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, or complete your degree completely online through an interactive learning platform taught by the same world-class faculty who develop the curriculum and course content. With flexible course scheduling options, the online platform allows you to maintain personal commitments while learning when it's convenient.

Curriculum: An Inside Look

Continually put your learning into practice with a mix of traditional and project-based courses.

Each course in this 54-credit curriculum provides you with the foundational tools and hands-on experience to be a forward-thinking, modern business leader across industries. You'll graduate ready to develop innovative solutions to tomorrow's business problems.

Business Foundations:
Sample required courses include Business Communication, Negotiation, The Firm and the Macroeconomy, Economics for Decision Making, Corporate Finance, and Marketing Management.

Sample courses include Cybersecurity, Power and Politics, Fixed Income, Global Strategy, Entrepreneurial Ventures, and Corporate Governance.

Online courses for Negotiation, Business Communication, and Leadership in Organizations require residencies that bring Carey Business School students together from across the world. Residencies provide valuable face-to-face time to network, collaborate, and build a new professional community.

See Immediate Benefits

Ashlee Reilly, who completed her MBA with Carey Business School in 2018, appreciated the online program's flexibility. "I really liked how I was able to go to school at Hopkins but [live] in New York City," she says.

Before graduating, Reilly received a promotion from her current employer and found the new skills she was learning every day were immediately applicable to her new position.



ASHLEE REILLY: My name is Ashlee Reilly. I graduated from Carey in May 2018, and I did a Flex MBA in financial businesses concentration. I decided to go back to school because I was working in the finance industry, but really wanted to take that next step in my career. And by doing online, I had a lot more flexibility to be able to work a full-time position. During the program, I actually moved internally at Moody's from the research division to the rating side. A lot of the material that I learned at Carey, I found I could directly use in my new position.


Explore Your Future Career

The average base salary for Flexible MBA graduates at the Carey Business School is $117,089. Our graduates are employed at a number of booming companies, including Ernst & Young, Under Armour, World Bank, AT&T, Bozzuto, Booz Allen Hamilton, and more. Graduate ready for titles such as:

Career PathAverage Salary
Managing director$147,4271
Senior manager$123,5252
Deputy director$100,3643
Finance director$111,6904
Global operations director$147,3335

Partner with our Career Development Office throughout your time at Carey to advance your career as a business professional. Our team is committed to providing opportunities for you to build professional skills and competencies essential for a successful career search.

"A lot of classes I'm taking are helping me do my job better right now."

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*Not all concentrations are currently offered in the online program. Contact Admissions to learn more.

Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programsstate-specific information for online programs.


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